Mobile App & Web-based CRM

The Mobile App and the browser-based CRM Dashboard are two ends of The BID-Link Management System.

The Mobile App

Our App is designed to be used by your BID team in the field. It allows them to report and manage any issues they see, as well as keeping track of business visits. Most importantly, it’s straightforward and simple to use.

If you have an app feature you’d like to see included in the future, let us know. We are continually updating our service in line with your needs and requests wherever possible!



The mobile app is secured by a user login and designed by our Head of security, keeping your information safe and ensuring only the people you choose have access to it.

Syncs with the CRM

Our app is seamlessly linked with the desktop CRM, changes made within the app are updated on the CRM without delay to ensure everyone has access to the most up to date information.


BID team members can use the app on the go to log any issues they spot in the field. The app can also be used to view and update existing issues that are ongoing or resolved.


If a member of your BID team is in an area where they do not have internet access, they can still use our app. The notebook feature allows users to make notes and observations offline. These can then be synced with the CRM later.


If there is an issue in the field that could use a little more detail, the app allows you to take photos of the issue on the ground, or upload existing photos from the device’s gallery. These photos are also synced with the desktop CRM

Business Visits

Once assigned in the CRM, scheduled visits can be logged in the app. Allowing your BID team to easily plan their route and update their progress.

Daily Messages

The app also includes a feature for users to receive Daily messages from management. These messages are entirely customisable and can say whatever you want them to. The rangers will receive these automatically on login.


Our dynamic search feature can be used to search by issue, activity, business or street through key words. Saving your BID team members time when they need it most.


Whether logging business visits or reporting and updating issues, the app can access the GPS co-ordinates on the device. Ensuring issues are easy to find for everyone, and avoiding any possible confusion around location.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM is an online browser-based dashboard used to manage and monitor all your BID activity. For added simplicity, you can easily export your dashboard data for offline use whenever you need to.

The dashboard manages all the data input through the mobile app, as well as additional data that cannot be edited by all users and may be sensitive, like payment information. The layout of the CRM is customisable based on your BID’s needs.



The CRM is secured by a user login, and use an encrypted connection. Due to the additional information that is accessible on the dashboard not all app users have access to the dashboard, you choose who has access. This ensures sensitive information, like payment details, cannot be accessed without your permission.

Manage Users

Your security is important to us, for this reason you can add, and remove users in the CRM, you can also edit users’ permissions to determine who else has access to the CRM and admin privileges.


You can use the CRM to view any issues that have been created in the app and update them with your own, additional notes and photos. The dashboard can also be used to create new issues and view the GPS co-ordinates automatically logged through the app.

Edit Data

As well as the data available in the app, you can also edit additional information in the desktop CRM. Including, other users and payment information and BID areas. You can also set up email alerts that are automatically sent out once a particular category of issue is logged by a BID team member.

Business Visits

To schedule regular business visits to your BID members, you can create a card for this in the CRM and assign it to BID team member. These cards can then be easily updated accordingly. The successful or not-successful business visits are logged along with the GPS co-ordinates and additional note added by the team member assigned to the visit.

Data Visualisation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a data visualization is worth at least a million. It enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. We prove that data visualization doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

Import and Export

When setting up your BID account, you have the option to get your existing BID data imported into our CRM as part of your initial setup. Your CRM data can also be pulled down and exported to Excel for you to compile your own personal reports as needed.

BID-Link Demo

The App and CRM are available as a fully working demo in their basic, un-customised form for you to try them out.

Currently, our app is just Android based, but if your BID requires an iOS app, let us know; we will be happy to re-launch our iPhone App for you. If you would like to have a look at our BID-Link demo before you make any decisions please feel free to email or contact us via the contact form.