Opening BID-Link account and Pricing

We aim to make our pricing as simple as possible to ensure there is no hidden costs for you. For this reason our fees can be broken down into 2 simple categories: Initial setup and Monthly subscription.

Initial setup

  • BID-Link


    Basic functions, BID-Link branding

    No setup fees.

  • BID-Link


    Import existing data, customised functionalities, branding.

    One-off setup payment.

If you opt for our basic experience, there are no setup fees, for this you get a blank canvas with our basic functions and BID-Link branding, leaving you free to put your own data in over time.

Otherwise, opening a customised BID-Link account starts with a one-off payment which covers the backend setup for your experience. This includes importing your existing data into the CRM dashboard (subject to feasibility), as well as customising the App and CRM to meet your specific business needs and add any company branding you want to include. This price will vary depending on the amount of data you want to import and the degree of customisation you’re looking for as the entire experience is tailored to your BID.

Monthly Subscription

Our philosophy is to keep things simple. Once your account is set up, the only other cost is our monthly subscription fee.

The subscription is a flat rate which is paid quarterly in advance and covers support, hosting and maintenance of the App and CRM. This rate will not grow as your BID grows! We understand that this industry can be fast moving and dynamic, and we want to ensure you’re not penalised for your BID growing. The price is fixed and does not depend on the number of registered App and CRM users you have, that’s unlimited!

Monthly Subscription

£150 / €180168 +VAT, Per BID, per month
  • Flat fee paid quarterly in advance
  • Unaffected by the number of registered App and CRM users
  • Unlimited number of registered users
  • Hosting, Support and Maintenance included
  • Free of charge regular releases of new features and improvements

Regular updates

We love to get feedback from our customers and regularly use your feedback to roll out updates, these updates are included at no extra cost. After all, we’re excited by the opportunity to continue to grow seamlessly with you.

BID-Link Demo

The App and CRM are available as a fully working demo in their basic, un-customised form for you to try them out.

Currently, our app is just Android based, but if your BID requires an iOS app, let us know; we will be happy to re-launch our iPhone App for you.

If you would like to have a look at our BID-Link demo before you make any decisions please feel free to email or contact us via the contact form.