BID-Link BID-Link Mobile App & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Designed and Developed with Business Improvement District Teams,
for Business Improvement District Teams

BID-Link is among the longest standing platforms in the field of BID and Town Centre management systems. BID-Link is designed with BIDs for BIDs and has been since its conception; being dynamic and adaptable is part of it.


Our product consists of a mobile app and browser based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard. It is simple and easy to use, leaving you and your BID team members free to focus on what matters.

Our first mobile app for iPhone and iPad devices was developed by Red7mobile Ltd. back in 2012 specifically for Bath BID. Once more BIDs came onboard including Bournemouth Town Centre BID, we jumped at the opportunity to significantly modify our service to meet the needs of our new clients, without compromising the needs of our existing ones.

In 2013 we took the chance to update further, extending to an Android app for mobile devices and tablets in conjunction with Rugby First to ensure that their needs could be met too. As a result, Rugby First are now offering full training courses for BID Teams which is based around the BID-Link App and CRM system.

BID-Link Demo

The App and CRM are available as a fully working demo in their basic, un-customised form for you to try them out.

Currently, our app is just Android based, but if your BID requires an iOS app, let us know; we will be happy to re-launch our iPhone App for you. If you would like to have a look at our BID-Link demo before you make any decisions please feel free to email or contact us via the contact form.